Temples for Nature

Sensibility towards our natural heritage has increased so much that it is now time
to build Temples for Nature.

Amdl Circle © Images

Amdl Circle © Images

Amdl Circle © Images

They are wonderful architectural objects, and like the ancient temples of past civilizations are built with the same grandeur and vision. They are built to celebrate and experience nature in its most extreme forms where even the most convinced atheists will recognize the essence of divinity.

The new Temples are built to let you stay in absolute security and comfort, and are places to contemplate nature from your arrival, the evening sunset and the morning sunrise. You sleep lulled by the sounds of nature, but it is not essential because in sleep the conscience disappears and is alerted and reactive in the moment of falling a sleep and that of awakening.

With the new digital platforms the choice of hotels is no longer just about service and price but is increasingly based on comparing the sensorial experiences that different environments can offer. To ensure an intact landscape, you can only get there on foot or by air. Drones deliver daily supplies to restaurants and hotel services.

The Temples for Nature are destinations in which to immerse yourself into the wonders of nature and celebrate the inherent sacredness of its most extraordinary manifestations.

The Polar Castle

Explore a cluster of ice clad spires that reach for the endless arctic sky.


The Desert Ring

Ride to a new oasis that celebrates the ever changing fluid of the desert.


The Forest Leaves

Become fearless in the dense forest jungle.

The Swampland Spine

Float your body and mind engulfed in the swamp mist.


The Healthy Farm

Natural food and nature the perfect medicine.