A research project by
Michele De Lucchi and Amdl Circle



Earth Stations are active architectures that form networks which are easy to reach and are built in places that form or regenerate urban and infrastructural nodes.

They respond to our evolving life styles where artificial intelligence increasingly frees man from bureaucratic and repetitive tasks, establishing an opportunity to create places that express personal freedom and harness the enormous potential of technology.

They are designed to respect our environment and by definition everything that happens inside continues to impact their evolution and adaption.

They are organised to promote walking and casual encounters, which is the best method of creating ideas and interaction.

They are places that dissolve traditional notions of ownership and instead help spread shared and circular economies.

They come from exploring humanistic qualities in architecture which are influenced by atmospheric and sensorial experiences rather than purely the formal or visual definition of space.

They promote a continuous stream of mobility and communication that inspire formal and informal events, supported by workshops and technologies for new forms of expression and production.








06.05.2018 Fabrica, Catena di Villorba
24.05.2018 TEDx “RE_START”, Politeama Piceno, Tolentino
22.11.2018 Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Shanghai
04.12.2018 Rooms Hotels Tbilisi, Tbilisi
10.01.2019 Hangar Bicocca, Milan
15.01.2019 Auditorium iGuzzini, Recanati
05.03.2019 Casa dell’architettura, Rome
05.03.2019  Unifor Workshop, Turate
15.03.2019 Manno
20.03.2019 Italian Design Day, Hanoi
25.03.2019 Italian Design Day, Ho Chi Minh
29.03.2019 Unifor event, Sydney
10.04.2019 Corriere della Sera, Milan
24.05.2019 Interdesign, Santiago del Chile
11.06.2019 Apple Store, Milan
17.09.2019 University Campus Officine H, Ivrea
19.09.2019 MAKK Museum, Cologne
21.09.2019 Convention KIA, Seoul
07.10.2019 Salterbaxter, London
17.10.2019 Festival della Crescita, Le Village, Milan
24.10.2019 Milan Design Film Festival, Anteo, Milan
25.10.2019 It@ca Day, Design Exchange, Toronto
31.10.2019 Il rumore del lutto, Parma
14.11.2019 Workplaces Architecture, YACademy, Milan
22.11.2019 Embassy Education’s program, Hồ Chí Minh
27.11.2019 A
D World showroom, Tokyo
28.11.2019 Miyake Design Studio, Tokyo
06.12.2019 Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires
08.01.2020 Museo Novecento, Firenze
20.01.2020 Accademia di Brera, Milan
03.02.2020 Overture of the Master’s Degree in Interior and Spatial Design, Politecnico di Milano, Spirit de Milan, Milan
07.02.2020 Skyway, Stazione Pavilion, Courmayeur
20.02.2020 L’occhio se salta il muro, Teatro municipale Valli, Reggio Emilia
24.09.2020 European House Ambrosetti, Tolentino