Happy Stations

The Happy Stations are a new typology of condominiums imagined to address the theme of living and to find architectural solutions to foster the joyful and peaceful coexistence of a community which design is based on shared spaces called labs. 

AMDL CIRCLE © Filippo Bolognese Images

AMDL CIRCLE © Filippo Bolognese Images

Amdl Circle © Filippo Bolognese Images

Happy Stations are a typology of condominiums conceived in 2021 that addresses the theme of living, starting from the human need to share, and trying to find architectural solutions to foster the joyful and peaceful coexistence of a community.

When designing a condominium building , we usually start from the distribution of the apartments within a predefined volume or area and try to allocate as much space as possible for residential use. In the Happy Stations, this design method is completely dismantled: in the foreground there are no longer private houses but common spaces, called labs, which represent and symbolize the reasons for choosing a particular condominium.

Designing thinking about the purpose of the community completely changes the architectural relationship between private space and public space, whose order of magnitude is inverted, because here it is the shared space that characterises the building as the emblematic identity of a group of people, of a community.

The common areas of the Happy Stations constitute boundary spaces: not lines drawn on the ground but places where the properties of one overlap the other and where the limits of individual freedoms open up to welcome the other. Common spaces, intense and compelling, where individuality intersects; demilitarized places where there is no reason to fight and where there emerges the willingness to talk over what we all have within us; personalizing places that symbolize these small communities where boundaries expand and become meeting points; places where you are prepared to surrender your privacy in order to become involved, experiment, watch, enjoy, learn, live in relationship with others.

Iridescent Community

is made up of single and duplex residences built on a common platform that accommodates labs set up for social activities, meetings, get-togethers and impromptu events. We imagine it located on flat arable land, ideally surrounded by wheat fields, olive groves or vineyards. It is called the Iridescent Community because it welcomes different generations, cultures and opinions that interweave in a combination of colors, making life enjoyable and attractive. A receptor of memories and an incubator of future developments. By spending time in this place, people can actively engage with the history of humankind. 


Green Community

is organized around a tall and luminous greenhouse open to all, and surrounded by houses arranged radially. It is a large, cone-shaped pavilion of glass that connects the houses by way of covered hallways. Inside the space, people cultivate a passion for gardening, horticulture and nature: mountain-shaped structures for hydroponic cultivation and suspended vegetable gardens alternate with informally furnished areas for resting, reading, conversing and admiring the growing vegetation. It is partially self-sufficient through the greenhouse cultivation of food. Self-production is also the key to sharing.


Blue Community

is a residential complex made up of new buildings subdivided into apartments of various sizes, with labs on the rooftops of each building that are fitted out for professional use. The project is conceived for the regeneration of outlying urban areas and defines the perimeter of an art park. It is dedicated to business, to professional and commercial interaction that conserves the idea of the market, of being able to offer, receive, buy and sell.  Equipped with the latest technologies, the space is also designed for recreational use. The space creates a context for intense socialisation, fostering participatory processes that allow relationships to grow.

Gold Community

is designed around a lab dedicated to knowledge: a large library and multimedia center that provides open access to knowledge, but which is also a space for reflection and meditation, because only by continuously stimulating our brain, our mind and our sensibility can we think of discovering new ideas and new fulfillment. We envisage it as a skyscraper, located in an area of a large metropolis and defined by a glazed and luminous tower to which the lab is connected. In a context very much shaped by the city, the culture acquired through accessing the services on offer leads to an improvement in both the individual’s quality of life and in social cohesion.


Bright Community

is a condominium building dedicated to lovers of crafts, hobbies, mechanics, electronics and to all those who gain a sense of fulfillment when they have the opportunity to use their own hands and ingenuity to fix or build something.  The mezzanine floors overlook the empty space and accommodate areas for labs that provide access to the apartments. The structure is also designed for an area of a large historic city where there is a need to improve the functions related to urban mobility. Sharing work tools and technical knowledge fosters ingenuity, self-production and the ability to resolve small problems. Mutual help and support are a fundamental condition of good neighborliness and nourish the sense of belonging to a community created around the idea of doing things with the hands and the mind.