Education Stations promote knowledge and education,

which increase awareness of diversity, can reduce conflicting behaviour.

Amdl Circle © Filippo Bolognese Images

Amdl Circle © Filippo Bolognese Images

Amdl Circle © Filippo Bolognese Images

As humans we are capable to create a messy, dangerous and confused world. So, we need to make sure that future generations learn better, deeper and longer than we did.

Education Stations promote knowledge and education, which increase awareness of diversity, can reduce conflicting behaviour.

An enthusiastic openness to the acquisition of knowledge stimulates a desire to explore positive values such as integrity, honesty, kindness and relationships based on trust.

We looked at five stages of becoming. A human is always becoming something. We hope that these Education Stations help us to become a smarter, better society.

Farm Station

 is built just like a traditional farm.  It is composed of several interconnected buildings with sloping roofs, surrounded by animal enclosures, vegetable gardens, crop fields and storage space to stock up on supplies for harder times.
Animal shelters were probably one of the first constructions of man. The division of private and public properties one of the most recent. Between that, the many consequences of our decisions about the development of civilisation have greatly influenced our understanding of the word “freedom”.


Village Station

is a school of language, oriented to literacy, in all its forms found around the world. As one develops their personality and character, they begin to recognize themselves and their specific culture.  Self-esteem and courage are stimulated, non-conflictual relationships with others and the environment are favoured.  Ethics and aesthetics start to awaken.


Town Station

is a large complex made up of private and communal, reflection and community work-spaces arranged in an open and expandable, almost snowflake-like composition.
The Town Station is oriented to the recognition of world cultures and human civilization. We learn the history of knowledge – of technique, science and the arts.  Everyone can have the opportunity to identify their personal talent, and start arguing around abstract concepts such as the divine, the infinite, the subconscious, the latest gossip.

Road Station

consists of several buildings arranged along a road. It is the school of know-how. Here new forms of relationships are developed, especially those who connect individual talent to mutual solidarity. The road is the most archaic infrastructure of this exploration.  Without roads there are no networks, neither physically nor digitally. The road is also the metaphor of progress, of
evolution.  There is still a long way to go.


World Station

is a network of lighthouses that connects all Education Stations previous, each part of the constellation making a constant reminder for the present. Anyone can enter freely, anywhere in the world and find in them future visions and constructive, positive ideas to  stimulate the imagination.  This interconnected and integrated system clearly defines how to bring innovation to the world, in a continuous process of inversion between the teacher and the one who learns.